Ultimate Hamburger

The Ultimate Hamburger

The Ultimate Hamburger can be made a lot of different ways depending on the person.  Every restaurant claims to make the biggest and the best with the most bang for your money.  The Ultimate Burger really comes from your very own kitchen.

We believe that the best burgers tend to be made at home on the grill the good ol’ fashioned way!

The ultimate Hamburger:

The heart of the burger is the meat itself.  Burger meat is sold based on the leanness of the meat balanced with the fat content of the burger.  Some people will argue that the higher fat burger meat is juicier after being cooked.  We tend to argue that the leaner the meat, cooked properly, packs the most “flavor bang” for your buck. 

Leaner meats are higher in protein and lower in calories.  Leaner hamburger meat is also slightly lower in cholesterol as well.   

For the pictured hamburger, we bought 92% lean by 8% fat for the low calorie, high flavor burger we crave. 

After removing the meat from the package we place the meat out nice and flat on a cutting board to add the spices we prefer.  Today we used sea salt, pepper, cayenne, and a lot of garlic powder.

Press your patties to your preferred size.

Gentlemen, start your grills! 

Don’t put the patties on until your grill is up to about 400 degrees.  This is ideal for putting the meat on the grill.  Temperatures lower than that will dry the meat out while you wait for the temperature to climb to cook the inside enough.  We want to get a nice dark brown and black on the outside but maintain and nice soft pink on the inside.  Keep those juices trapped inside that meat!

Let the burger cook for the longest on one side.  You’ll know it’s time to flip the burger once outer sides are starting to show signs of browning. 

Flip the burger over and then pay close attention to the meat while you cook.  At this point we like to add some BBQ sauce to the, now, top side.  Let the meat soak that BBQ sauce in.  After a few minutes, or long enough to brown the new bottom side, flip the patty over again, adding BBQ sauce to the newly cooked side.  Let it sit for only a minute or so because you risk smoking the juice out of the meat. 

Remove the burger from the grill, and prepare your plate before the meat cools.

Prepare your Burger:

For the Ultimate Hamburger, we fried an egg until the yolk was still perfectly runny.  We don’t mind a messy burger. 

On the lower part of the bun, we laid a bed of spinach, thinly sliced Traditional German Pickles (usually found in the International section of your favorite supermarket), sliced red onion, tomato, and pan fried mushrooms (cooked in butter with the egg). 

Place the meat on the bun and add your favorite cheese and then the egg. Break the egg yolk and let it seep down the meat and melted cheese. 

Add some additional BBQ sauce to the top portion of the bun and sink in!

We experiment often adding other meats to the beef chuck.  One of my personal favorites is to add a quarter of a Johnston Ville Chorizo sausage to my patty meat. 

There really is no wrong way to make a hamburger so don’t be afraid to get creative! 

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